Friction stir welding - a new dimension of welding

Friction stir welding of static axle shoulder is an advanced friction stir welding technology newly invented in recent years.

Static shoulder friction stir welding can realize the constant pressure and automatic control of the welding process more stably. This technology is a new welding technology developed on the basis of friction stir welding technology. Compared with traditional friction stir welding, it has obvious advantages in the welding of new energy vehicle battery tray, energy storage tray and water-cooled plate. And has a broad market space and application prospects.

It's not like a weld, it's a weld!
In 2019, Fusway Technology Company first launched static shoulder friction stir welding in China, and successfully applied to mass industrial production. Through continuous exploration, we have broken through the application of static shoulder friction stir welding technology in mass engineering, realized the combination of static shoulder and traditional machine tool friction stir welding equipment, and successfully applied in the engineering batch process. The problems of flash edge, human interference, unstable welding process and low degree of automation are solved in the conventional friction stir welding process.
The working principle determines that the static shoulder friction stir welding technology has the following advantages:
Static shoulder friction stir welding tool system has strong adaptability
The mixing needle and the mixing shoulder are independent of each other
Sliding mixing shoulder, no flash technology
Reduce process stress
Automatic control of welding process
The mixing needle and the mixing shoulder are configured separately
Mixing shoulder structure ADAPTS to joint structure
Low heat input, small deformation
Mixing needle and mixing shoulder can be separated
No need to polish the flash and reduce the process
Conventional welding
Static shoulder friction stir welding
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